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Brake Stroke Light Indicator

A visual indicator of brake stroke adjustment length issues. Allowing ample time to have the brakes checked.

Retract A Strap

Retractable winch strap winder, Full 30 foot strap wound up in 3-5 seconds. Helps minimize personal injuries.

5th Wheel Pin Puller

Closed 15 inches, opened 35 inches. Doubles as a tire thumper, fits in the glove box. Powder Coated.for durability

External ABS Bracket

Changing ABS sensors has never been so easy, No pulling off wheels… no wheel off liability, no re-torque required

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Always has an element of danger to work with, Our products add safety features for operators and the general public around heavy equipment.

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Almost all commodities are brought to retailers by Truck and Trailer. Working to make the industry safer and more profitable.

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Some of our happy clients

‘ I had the Brake Stroke Light Indicator installed on my tanker truck. It has caught two broken maxi brake chambers and one failed automatic slack adjuster. Highly recommend this product.’

Barry Andela

‘ I installed Retract-A-Strap on my goose neck float trailer, it certainly makes the re-winding of load straps more pleasurable, especially in bad weather. Not to mention no more stress on my wrist or arms.’

Charlie Arsenault